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Our Quality Policy:  
Overall product quality improvement.
Excellent customer service.

Create the best prospects for the company.

Our Environmental Policy  
Obey the Environmental Laws

Based on trust and honesty, we care about the environment and deal with environmental problems in a very responsible manner. We carefully obey the environmental protection laws and related rules enforced in the industrial zone. We also promote ideas among our employees that will heighten their recognition of environmental protection issues.
To satisfy customers’ requests for the upgrading of products and the demands of environmental safety in the work place, as well as to follow the trend of environmental protection around the world, every business unit in the company has aggressively searched for the best solution for each problem so that the company may continue to prosper.
Continuous improvement on pollution prevention
We have made our best efforts to improve the work environment, in which we effectively reduce the amount of air pollution, waste material and noise. We made pollution prevention the focus of our motivation in achieving continuous quality improvement. We seek the best production process and technique to reduce the burden of environmental stress and to achieve the goal of clean production.
We always keep in mind that when we develop new investment cases, production processes and new products, or expand into new businesses, we should abide by the related government regulations and laws, and work on reducing industrial wastes, preventing pollution and encouraging recycling.
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